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Firdaus Simbolon
Hello, My name is Aulia Firdaus Simbolon. i'm the well citizen

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Twitter : daus_klonoanian


Saya paling benci dengan orang yang membohongi dirinya sendiri
orang yang membohongi dirinya sendiri tidak akan bisa menjadi dirinya sendiri
orang yang membohongi dirinya sulit untuk berkembang menjadi orang yang disenangi orang
Kenapa harus membohongi diri sendiri kalau menjadi diri sendiri itu menyenangkan



Lebih baik gue minta maaf daripada orang lain yg harus melakukannya


Great Facts About indonesia (Than Malaysia Melayu Bumiputera) (FOREVER PROUD TO BE A INDONESIAN):


1. In Food, Rendang is the best Food in The World 2011. Nasi Goreng in Second, and Sate in 14th. Penang assam laksa, (Malaysia) only in 26th. and in 2012, Soto (Indonesia) predicted include in 50 World's Delicious Food. Source :…

2. Music in Indonesia always be no.1 in Malaysia, but in Indonesia, Malaysia Music not be nothing

3. Much Food indonesia:…

4. 31 Indonesia's artefact what Malaysia steal…

5. Batik formerly claimed by Malaysia, now belongs to Indonesia and has been recognized by UNESCO and batik now popular in Malaysia, Japan,and USA.…

6. Malaysia does not recognize batik as an Indonesian cultural:…

7. Banyuwangi Beach (G-Land) have the second biggest wave in The World

8. 7 Facts about GREAT Indonesia in the world… (Indonesian) (Please Translate itself)

9. Adam Malik ever be CIA member…

10. 9 Excess Indonesia than Malaysia who are not suspected by Malaysia… (in bahasa Melayu)

11. TKI (Tenaga Kerja Indonesia [Indonesia Labor]) give Indonesia foreign exchange more than 22 Million USD for a Year(Without TKI and TKW, Malaysia DEAD!!!!)

12. Natural wealth of Indonesia is the largest in ASEAN and the world's fifth (what Malaysia have??? (if you do not want to steal more Indonesia's Property?)

13. Indonesia is the first country to support Egypt for independence (oh yeah, i forget, Malaysia support Israel from 1957-2000, Indonesia never support israel)

14. Indonesia is the nation's most heroic in the face of the grip of the nations in World War 2 and became the first independent nation in ASEAN (So Malaysia is begging to the UK?)

15. Indonesia has the largest number of ethnic in the ASEAN and of course also the world by the number of 720. (In Papua have 270 ethnic)…… . [Where Bumiputera ethnic (Malaysian native People)?? whether they are already extinct because of other ethnic?]

16. Indonesia has the largest coastline in the world…… (how large Malaysia coastline?)

17. Indonesia have 3 Big Island In The World. Sumatera, Kalimantan (Borneo), and Papua

18. Indonesian badminton team is the team that won the most symbol of the supremacy of badminton men, Thomas Cup, which is about 13 times (the first time 1958 & last yr 2002). How Many Malaysia???? huh....

19. Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language)used more than 500 Million user in the world, Include ASEAN and Saudi Arabic. And Bahasa Indonesia used in Vietnam as second Language.… (Indonesian)… (Indonesian)… (Indonesian)

xxxx. All About Indonesia… (In Indonesian)

20. Not only has the ethnic the most, but Indonesia also has the the most regional languages ​​in ASEAN totaled 129 Languages…

I'm Proud to my COUNTRY "INDONESIA"!!!!!!!!!


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dausbajing Featured By Owner May 24, 2013
hi bro
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dausbajing Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013
baik, maaf ya udah lama banget nggak bales
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Likaliku Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012
nekat make foto sendiri sebagai avatar, lol XD
ternyata ini Daus toh, baru nyadar O_Oa
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